Cobden and Alto Pass

 from the forward by Rita Cheng /Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Over the course of three days, the people of Cobden and Alto Pass shared their lives, their hopes, and
their dreams with our students. Community outreach is an important part of who we are at SIU, because of
how strongly we feel about “giving back.” In this case, I am confident that our students will always remember
the people of these two communities who reached out to them.

This book reflects the talent and commitment of our students and our faculty, and the visiting photojournalists who contributed so much to the project.

Most of all, it reflects how fortunate we all are to have such good friends in Cobden and Alto Pass.

A special note of thanks to Cobden Village President Molly Beckley and Alto Pass Village President
Don Rehmer for their leadership and the extensive assistance they provided.                                                                   

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