A Weekend in Murphysboro

forward by Mark Dolan, Project Director

This book represents the work of students in the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, captured over the course of a single weekend.

As we arrived in town Friday morning, we were greeted with a message on marquees throughout the town: “Welcome To A Weekend In Murphysboro.” It was an auspicious start to a wonderful weekend experience.

No single project such as this could ever hope to capture all that is distinctive in a community such as Murphysboro. What this project offers is a “taste” of the community and a sense of it – a taste of the faces and places that make this community special, and a sense of the friends and neighbors who help make Murphysboro the unique place it is.

Our goal is that people looking at this work now and in the future will have a true feel of what life was like for members of this community during this point in time.

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