Cobden and Alto Pass


 from the introduction by  Molly Beckley / Cobden Village President

I was very excited when it was confirmed that Cobden and Alto Pass were selected to be the focus of the SIU Weekend Workshop. My enthusiasm for the project was matched by Cobden community members as they prepared for the invasion of students, faculty and visiting professionals coming to document our lives for a weekend.

The students and their mentors truly embraced our community, and the community embraced them. They visited with community members throughout the villages as they went about their everyday activities. The resulting photographs provide a profound artistic viewing of the wonderfully ordinary life in small-town America.


from the introduction by  Don Rehmer / Alto Pass Village President

The images I’ve seen from the Alto Pride Barbeque Festival, Rendleman Orchards, Alto Vineyards and Bald Knob Cross capture the essence of the rich social, cultural and aesthetic value of our community. They don’t merely reflect place – we are indeed blessed to live in an area with spectacular scenery – they capture stories: the stories of our children, our elders and our businesses. They are stories of joy, wonder, beauty, growth, productivity, sacrifice and renewal – all the things that truly bind a people together.

I hope that future projects will allow other communities in Southern Illinois to share the enjoyment the citizens of Alto Pass and Cobden will experience for years to come.

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